The American dream was once considered a life filled with simplicity combined with a steadfast work ethic – attend school, get a stable job, marry, reproduce and retire.  This dream was not merely for those that were citizens born in the U.S. but rather, also was an international draw for global citizens alike.

This dream can be likened to the REM state just prior to sleep, a point where counting sheep begins to make way for an alternate universe, filled with whatever the heart desires, fears or gravitates towards.  The duality is that the sheep which assist in sleeping parallel the daily routine in which the biped sheep have manifested.

I woke up from this daily state of slumber slightly over a year and a half ago only to struggle to pursue my ultimate dream- self employment sustained by a hobby that I never recognized was an official industry.


King Block Dean (El.Sin.Say)

Wine & Spirits Investment and Consultancy

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