ART  an interpretation of creation with no formal definition.  A combination of three domains that generate an emotive sensation within one’s core essence; permeating the societal constraint mechanisms of measurements in time, distance and logic.

Numerical equations illustrated as puzzles grounded in math, producing geometric shapes found throughout nature the Fibonacci sequence = the golden ratio (octaves and scales, graphite and acrylic).


Universal composure: Earth (barley/malt), Fire (kilning/peat), Water (natural sources), Metal (copper pot/stainless steel),  and Wood (Quercus alba / Quercus petraea).




Sensational composition: Sight (pigment), Smell (fragrance), Taste (compounds), Sound (conversing with the subconscious), Touch (the personal interpretation of creation) ART.


King Block Dean (El.Sin.Say)

Aberlour , Record Recording Inspired Tasting (Eslite Bookstore – Taiwan – 2017)




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