P1170159Rather easy to find by the GPS and parking isn’t that difficult – of course I am always referring to a car when I mention parking.  You can check your own route for MRT or scooter, but in Taipei its never too difficult.  Basically its walking distance from the old Luxy (club Omini), not too far from the Adidas Original store, or at least on this particular night we walked there from that that location.  It is on a corner, in a back ally between two main streets, its easy to overlook because because the building itself does not stand out next to the sidewalk, but rather, it is slightly offset from the sidewalk, and there are parking spaces directly in front of the bar (although they are not designated for patrons).

Stepping into this place, there is a small podium where the greeter meets people to ensure the number of patrons to be seated.

Immediately to the left there is a stair case that leads downstairs to the bathroom which is hit up full of last goodbyes and names tagged in the stalls.

This spacious dungeon also has its own bar (albeit smaller than the one upstairs) and is well suited for larger groups of people.

From the upstairs entrance, straight ahead there is a large seating area where images are projected overhead.  At about 3pm (using a clock as location), the bar is prominently situated off-centered in the room, and to the right of the bar is a small fridge that stocks a few select beers.

Directly in front of the bar, are the majority of the seats, tables that accommodate 2 – 4 that can be pushed together to accommodate larger parties.  Behind these tables is the rear wall, that houses a few tables that are set into the wall (similar to a private cave).


The first time I arrived at this bar, I was with a few friends, one from work and another that was marketing Micthers with his guest bar tender from Hong Kong (John Ng).  I had had his signature cocktails the week before at a different venue (MOD II), but thats a story for another write up.


The second, and most recent time I visited this lounge, I was fortunate enough to meet the regular bar tender (Pei-Pei), and as we sat at the bar she greeted us in English.  She asked about my drink preference and I told her that I would take what she thinks she makes the best.  Then, I proceeded to tell her that a common friend (Paul) said to tell her hello.


That pretty much summed up the answer of what I was going to order to drink.  Of course, I went with her signature cocktail, and she used Paul’s Koval as the base.  Not to simplify the process, but I was already feeling better than good:  she ignited some sort of fragrant natural material on this wooden slab, then covered it with the tumbler I was to drink from.  After the glass filled with the smoke, she turned it over, allowing the fumes to escape as she poured the cocktail she had created moments before into its contents.  At the conclusion, she squeezed then placed an orange peel in the cup – Exquisite to say the least.



As we engaged in conversation, I asked about her favorite drink, and she asked me whether I drink wine.  “Of course, anything with alcohol content, aside from beer.”  So we discussed various styles of red and white which eventually led to fortified wines.  Whereas she pulled out a Pale Cream bottle, ironically, I had been studying this style of expression for my WSET exam I had just taken about two weeks earlier.  We drank and talked a bit more until the lights came on.


The night started off rather hectic, making stops in Tao Yuan before going to Indulge Bistro (another day another write up) to drop off some glasses, then sitting in the car, hesitant about meeting up with this coworker, or another coworker – both equal time distance away.  Opting for the initial plan, I drove to Closet (as opposed to Revolver)…now feeling relaxed and departing, I was pulled over by the police…..another day, another adventure….



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