Reared in a house of excessive alcohol consumption that eventually turned to cocaine, prompted from depression and lack of confidence derived from a world that was destined to have us in servitude.  Opposition to the aggressors – defenders of the kingdom in Chess, melanin encoded in genes , extra terrestrials, solar powered by the sun, yet blinded – living in the dark – carbon, neutrons and protons God’s number that has been perverted.


Gazing at the stars, Milky way dreams deferred, finding inspiration for artistic work in the lowliest of places, intently listening to the street: ghettos, bars, captivated by the stories of gangsters and prostitutes, gravitational pull, eventually being transported to a new galaxy through a portal similar to a star losing its energy and eventual luster in a black hole.

The astronaut that ventured well beyond the countryside, and in avertedly brought the darkness home to where he rests.  An alien that became a functional chameleon, unrecognizable to the residents of his castle after ascending from the lair where the bottom dwellers feel confident.


A liquid that metamorphosed  Mr. Hyde into the Dr. – spirits that caused the household to become petrified, scattering at night, only to reconvene during his height of his hibernation.  Outbursts that were short sighted:  foaming of the mouth, protruding veins, sewage drain scented, the howl of the beast, the destruction of matter, irrational jibberish….Generational, long lasting implications in the offspring:  isolation, loss of confidence, bed wetting, internalized anger, thoughts of suicide….symptoms of mental abuse.


Self preservation led to premature ejecting from the nest, becoming his own explorer, venturing as far as the national border would carry him.  After years of circumventing and evading confrontation, he was on his own accord in the wilderness.  Physically removed, transporting transmitted demons that have mutated within his own being – S. Weaver.


Tolerance was built, however prolonged exposure to highly rectified spirits allowed these spirits to manifest themselves.  In the dream realm, suppression of past events and experiences would become reflective reality, and I was forced to confront them.  Intrinsic explorations that led to revelations, unrecognized internal bleeding from the heart – a black hole with no surgeon.



Joint ventures, business proposals, arranged marriages, learn and leave – a process repeated and transplanted from coast to coast to country to country that assisted in the evolutionary process.  Prior to the magnetic junction of polar cells – cold attraction, hot lubricated friction and sparks… a big bang producing universal life.



Self restraint within the psyche altered the genealogy, creating an antibody in the system that has overridden the primitive urges – mind over matter.  However, being exposed to elements of various geographic locations, pollen, dust and living organisms have become a trigger for violent allergic reactions.



An igloo of ice, encasing a warm heart with menstrual blood bringing homoeostasis well below 96 degrees.  The room temperature varies with mood swings, the elevation of a child whose legs swing to and fro, adrenaline at the highest points, and fear at the lowest.  The lowest are points in new galaxies through portals similar to a star losing its energy and eventual luster in a black hole.



Returning to the essence of energy for the purpose of detoxification similar to a plant converting rays through the processing photosynthesis converting fumes to breathable gas.  Maturation, attempting to return to my rectified universal format, a composite of star dust – 6 neutrons, 6 protons and 6 electrons.














King Block Dean































































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