I gazed upon her in pure lust – admiration for the body  that had come into my vision.  A standard of beauty I had not known, traditional, not polluted by a foreign cultural context, she maintained her own tradition, and this built her mystique, which in turn became a node of grotesque attraction.  I had a brief introduction, but had not known her history intimately, yet at this point in her life cycle, overlooked, she had already blossomed into a grown woman,  illustrious, radiating all of her glory.

Infatuated, I observed from a far, knowing that the calculated opportunity to make her acquaintance would present itself.  Recognizing the problem in this equation, I sat next to her in class, lateral isles similar to islands separated by a single ocean.

Discretely observing fractions of her interests, subtly interpreting the coded sign language of her geometric figure until my brailed improved,  we were drifting in sink, solving computations.  Tranquil waters, from the peaks of untouched snow capped mountains, seeping through the breast of valleys, over a body of rock, sediment and minerals that add character to her being, the base for her ascension.

As a youth, she attempted to mimic the Scottish standard of beauty….although she remained unappreciated at home, her essence, and core spirit produced an unparalleled concoction that, when engulfed, became intoxicating to the world.  From the time she came into my sight, I could foresee that year after year, she was approaching her pinnacle – an underdog that won the race, now on her high horse with an infant’s bubble waiting to burst.

P1060468It would be merely a matter of cycles before she would be cast among the others as an old face, once extremely attractive merely because she was the newest face in the crowd, later conformed and withered by her suitors.  Perhaps I could contribute to her longevity, distilling aqua vitae with her reputation – tales and fables that could be carried from generation to generation in different walks of society.

P1060326Pioneers recognized her beauty and potential, becoming 49ers they rushed to exploit and excavate her plausibility.  A gold rush for some, locker room bragging rights for others.  All ultimately a theatrical stage for her introduction to the world.  They had no intent to comprehend, just pushed to the next grade.

Temporary experiences sustained with silk embroidery, delicate, easily torn, frayed and sown.  Nor did they fully treasure the contributions made by her ancestors, resistance and struggles strong enough to compress carbon and create authentic diamonds – in the rough, fashioned to be worn as jewelry amongst royalty.

Graduating, 4 years later, I stepped forward to exhibit myself at the talent show, not as a show, but rather as an act of love.  The books, the travels, the drinks, the food, the citizens have all given me insight, but yet I must humble myself and know that I will never be able to discern her full range of spirits.

King Block Dean










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