He woke up feeling accomplished having spent the previous day being productive.  Looking to the sky in anticipation of what the weather would be…far from the ancient tradition understanding seasons, global warming has made forecasting the skies a daily artisan skill.  Dark garments worn loosely as uniformed urban apparel, conceal carry: a pen, notepad, camera, and the mind – from the teacher to silent warrior.


The sun, waking up, washing her face, hands slowly removed, revealing her dimly lit eyes.  Play time until the next shift of illumination arrives, the street lights, lazy and half-heartedly ushering her daily closure when the luster she shed on the earth begins to fade.



Precision fell, dark times moving about the village undetected in search of the watering hole that deceived me the night before…final hours before the New Year.  I passed by what would become a documented memory I carried with me, time traveling into the future.  Once again looking to the night sky and stars for direction, moonlight, a reflection of her beauty, magnetic forces controlling the tides, attracting me to overlooked signs.  Camouflaged butterflies day dreaming at night, mimicking bubbles of shooting stars in sporadic circular motions, seemingly chaotic, sequentially fluttering, indirectly guided by the reflection of her bright light.

Arriving at the destination on accident, he hopped off the white horse; adrenaline pumping, ecstasy, high, euphoria.  With the horse rested, tied to a nearby post, far enough to be out of sight, yet close enough to be visible from the smoking position upstairs.  He readied his gear, checking the cartiges and approached the temple, confident that he had found an untainted natural oasis in a mirage of concrete – a perfect place to meditate before frequency chiming of the midnight hour.

Empty bottles filled with spirits – genies and Djin – from the conjuring monks of a previous time blossomed, draped and dressed the hallway, daisies paralleling sunflowers, luminescent roses paving the way for ascension to the doorway of a new dimension.


There he stood looking back on the minutes, days, weeks and months that lead to the end of this year – a long journey for a short trip, this year was over in a matter of hours and the next would overlap moments later.


End of one experience, the beginning of another, a new creation on a continuum of a temporary existence.  The tranquil environment was slightly different than El.Sin.Say had imagined, but it had all of the raw essentials that were required to manifest the frequency of elevated ether.


Becoming acquainted with the grounds keeper, paying my tithes to ensure its maintenance, and reassuring that I would return – 30 minutes and 3 hours before midnight was all that was needed.



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