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“Thinking outside the box” fundamentally implies that there is an invisible box in which we all are born into and yet we have no definitive knowledge about.  In fact, this box that we reside in,  is often synonymously confused with the notions of:  restriction to the parameters of the physical world, constraints on our physical abilities, and can even be extended to the mere utilization of .1% of our mental facilities.  This box inhibits aspiration, fosters mindless drones, and uninspired zombies – the death of creation – a coffin.

The old plant, located just before the main operations.

However, despite our limitations, this referenced definition of being stuck inside a/the box becomes inconclusive when pitted against the appropriate resources, ingenuity and dedication, ultimately ensuring that the impossible becomes an achievable target – space travel – cyborg implants – expansion of knowledge through a combination of books and experience.



This “invisible” box is a hierarchical construct that places an emphasis on quantitative items which value is determined by those that garner and control the allocation or availability to those very items in itself.  The notion of Adam and Eve’s beginning, negates to examine the notion that humans were potentially derived from incest, subsequently producing a lack of genetic variation in the gene pool, causing unwanted physical and mental defects.



As illustrated by medieval European nobility, a propensity for destructive activities, exploitation, and the consortium of selfish acts at the expense of their loyal subjects – justification and rationalizing the harm that is inflicted upon others as a means to preserve our own illusionary status, being support beams and pillars that erect and maintain the box .



The box has surpressed the majority of the civilized world, most only being permitted to live free 1/2 way through our first decade of life.  Deliberate indoctrination through guided suppression, misinformation, skewed numbers and values – social control mechanisms that ensure uniform thoughts and subsequent actions – prompted by those labeled leaders and sustained by the peer pressure of the masses.



The box often remains hidden, the slightest glimpse of its transparent walls will reveal the cracks in the plaster.  The wise believe they have escaped, however it was Intelligently designed, all encompassing, all in accordance, and all in harmony.



Precisely calculated deceptions, perceived imbalances – yin and yang – black and white – conservative and liberal, magnetic north and south.  The biggest mistake is not recognizing that the yin and yang have a common existence – regulated by a shape.  Black and white – optical fields viewed through density and contrasts of light.  Conservative and liberal in the field of position and policy.  Magnetic north and south both require earth to attract.


storage house



Thus, government, religion, education, and socio-economic classes might seem to be at  opposing polarities, however, if these polarities exist on the same frequency spectrum – they are all located within the same box despite how radical they are thought to be  by others.



As a society, we have openly debated the top of this box – the glass-ceiling – hindering vertical movement of certain demographics of people, however, the circumference, diameter or any other parameters have been explicitly ignored, simplified to an equation of crabs in a barrel.


The Founder’s House


Oftentimes we are able to grasp random minute pieces of our own potential, never fully comprehending scale of the image that the merging of these acts can produce when put in the proper sequence.  Uncharted territory brings forth insecurity, therefore we settle, finding a comfortable corner in the box, feeling confident with scattered pieces on the floor.  Seeing that they are on the floor, knowing that they are on the floor – producing a false sense of security – existing within this life similar to a complex jig-saw puzzle, one that lacks the assistance of being able to view the bigger picture on the box as a reference.

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