Sparkling Wine – Loire Valley (Cremant)

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Sparkling Wine – Detail Readings

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Sparkling Wine – France – Cremant

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WSET Level 4 – Unit 5 Sparkling Study Notes

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WSET Level 3 Short Answer Practice Exams

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WSET Level 3 Multiple Choice Practice Exams

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WSET Level 2 Spirits – Study Sheets

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Indulge Bistro Bar Review – Taipei


A collusion that began with two lab rats at work so silent, nearby ears heard squeaks mistaken for the wheels on office chairs.  We met under the cloak of darkness, checking another one off the list, similar to shopping for ingredients for meal preparation, however, we focused on the crumbs from the table.  I am the low man, learning to climb the ladder, checking off  various bars step by step, plotting to become the big cheese.  Agreeing upon the next escapade, we decided to meet at a common location that neither of us had previously solicited – Indulge Bistro.

He located the crack in society, peeked in and waited while I circled the neighborhood, and scavenged for parking – cat and mouse – patrol cars and eye.  Fortunately I was able to find a spot at the end of the street, just before the corner.  As is customary, located the closest 7/11 (which happened to be right around that corner) to get drinks from prior to going in the bar.

Usually purchasing a 350ml bottle for the price of a single cocktail allows me to feel good, while simultaneously hinders my urge to get caught in the excessive spending trap while going out. The convenience stores usually provide inconspicuous shelter and a relatively quiet place for conversation (in the instance that cats at the bar are slightly aggressive).  Scampering across the wire, having placed the call, he came outside and we walked up the residential street, where the neatly hidden bar seemed out of place.

Turning the corner and sitting outside of the 7/11, we noted that several luxury cars were pulling up across the street, stopping then pulling off again – pit crew style.  We talked over an entire 700ml bottle then returned to the Bistro.  Now feeling good, entering the ether state that puts me in tune with the universe, while blocking out the physical state of today, we scurried downstairs, gutter rats finding comfort in the warmth of the steam that is emitted from sewer grates, I naturally overlooked the upstairs environment for my place in this world – the dark lair.

Downstairs was sparsely populated and yet the tables and seating arrangement gave way to the perception of density.  True varmints, we found the darkest corner in the room with the most space, dimly lit with a single candle and proceeded to escort ourselves to the couch making it the happiest place on earth.


There was a fully stocked bar downstairs, and to our amazement, no one tending to its contents, we were questioned, and the response was repeated once again as if this were the second loop at an amusement park – “The signature cocktail from the head bartender or owner.”  Disappointed that he wasn’t present, I settled, and so did he.

Having fun, time flying roller coaster style, now vacant, the noise we produced echoed and attracted pounding footsteps from above.  The lights came on, and the crew began straightening up, with a whisk of a broom directed at us, we vacated the premises, fully satisfied with the scraps of enjoyment we were able to scrounge from this place.