Whisky Live – Manila – The Art of Whisky

P1150525String theory, a harp that evokes emotion within the known senses.  A lyre that connects all creatures that have ever existed, vibrations and solids between the gaps in life.  Views beheld, melodic noises, distinct ingestion, pleasurable aromas, the medium of varied surfaces – Sight, sound, taste, smell, touch, expressed in a unique multitude only to be pacified as preference, however, in its implicit essence, should be more accurately labeled – singularity, encompassing, unifying, one – A.R.T. (All Rendered  Together).

Two plates, strong willed with opposing forces, came together and formed a plain for existence: paint with oil, Kammerdian soil and water, bronze against stone – canvasses, sculptures, decorative ornaments.


Destructive, eruptive forces, created a hostile environment that, with extended time, would become a peaceful utopia, one of the most coveted natural resources sought, another medium for creative expression – the land.

The young artisan farmer, passively mentally defeated from quarreling with Mother Earth, left his seed on an isolated tectonic plate of fertile land in the Pacific Ocean.  Scene imagined by an artist, mountains cupped by the hands of a sculptor, a blacksmith melding metallic minerals that give way to precious stones, providing protection for his growth.

The island provides all of the essential elements, contrasts and tribulations , and necessary for survival, however, the feminine and scornful personality of nature, must be balanced by the harsh, masculine nature of time to generate a timeless masterpiece.




The Gardner, a harvester which only returns every season to benchmark his seeds growth – Mother Nature – Father Time….birth, death and the resurrection of the field.

P1150352Sometimes he would disappear beneath the earth, whole harvest seasons passing without a word, at other times he would feel the warm blanket of the son on a weekly basis.  Always watching from a distance, admiring the growth of the seed’s trunk, leave, limbs and petal – blossoming into maturity.  As the farmer had grown older, the time had come to make a decision:  tend to two gardens himself or uproot the developing sapling and replant it in a field with the farmer’s other seeds – Relocate home – Stay in the Region

On the horizon, a new type of soil was being imported, the canvas of the landscape would surely change.  Turned, tilled, fertile, and comprised of  minerals and nutrients necessary for growth, it would surely usher in the natural progression of the seasons that accompany growth of a field, an industry – later mastered and viewed as a form of art.

An opportunity for Father Time to get his artisan tools, and implement skills in a new industry that would allow him to extend his presence beyond this region of the universe, and the confounds of Mother Earth, ultimately becoming a fable handed down from generation to generation by those that initially made the land fertile – unimaginable potential.

Mental and physical preparations for a subsequent lunar cycle which is forecasted to provide an abundance of nutritious fertile land that will lead to exponential growth for a liquid deprived civilization.


King Block Dean




Carbon Dating -Pre Recorded History -Hong Kong – Intercontinental Stanford Hotel / Tiffany’s Bar –

Mindlessly dwelling in an era when it was unclear that our actions and decisions would have an impact beyond the scope of our existence for years, decades, centuries and even generations to come.  The second congregation of a nomadic pack contrived from brave members of different tribes spread throughout the terrestrial plain, that migrated to the middle of the ocean, ultimately forming a hub of common differences.



Their common physical and mental obstacles:  imaginary national geographic positions, language barriers, and environmental considerations  – were the concrete laid atop of the alluvial plains,  cementing a bond that would later be the composition for the foundation, of the beginnings of a path yet discovered by Freemont.

After 10 years in the wilderness, a single migrant departed from his caravan to diverge into this unique island oasis of earth, granite, clay and schist to partake in the extraction resources from a newly discovered oil field – the modern day gold rush that has the potential to maintain.

Advanced architecture skillfully crafted from the most elegant materials: lumber, wool, silk, and minerals was an indication that these inhabitants had gained knowledge from the civilizations predating them.  Roman marble and high ceilings, Greek sculptures and tapestries, African mahogany and precious crystals, Asian silk, lotus flowers and spices.

Evidence suggests that early humans lived in nomadic packs, working together, hunting prey, gathering vegetation, occupying the same habitation.

Primitive tools fashioned from stone, wood and metal assisted in the evolution from an agrarian to agricultural society.  The release of servitude and constraint from the land, ushered in by a surplus of food induced a manifestation of an industry of artisans.   The requirement of substance farming for self sustaining survival became obsolete, the new focus was creation.

Bred domestication, the deliberate alternation of the core structure of the pineal gland’s fight or flight instinct, permitted a herd mentality that enslaved mammals to subconsciously  till the soil, and cultivate the land for their masters, awaiting the dream in which a savior would arrive and create them equal.

Expansion  of the population equated to dense living conditions which compromised natural water supplies.  The advent of wales, aqueducts and  irrigation prolonged the inevitable – preservation through distillation.

With the table set for progression, harnessing the elements of earth, wind, water and fire – proved to be a perfect blend of elements that would continue to attract foreign nomads to invest in future meals.P1050107P1050091P1050189P1050074P1050063


Contrary to what historians collectively believe, there was existence of humans prior to recorded history which is evident in the carbon dated ancient pictorials.


The next era … The Untold Asian Renaissance


– King Block Dean (El.Sin.Say) –

2nd annual Hong Kong International Bar and Whisky Show – Tiffany’s New York Bar / Intercontinental Grand Stanford Hotel (May, 2017)